Synthetic Polymer Teeth – Seniors

Synthetic Polymer Teeth – Seniors


– Simple Occlusal certainty

By professional design of occlusion, Seniors  makes certainty of the Occlusal more reasonable than dissected occlusion. It also can solve cases when mandibular arch is not coordinated or jaw relationship is not stable or even not certain.

– Easier Occlusal Adjustment

So long as the central occlusion is certain, protrusive and lateral displacement does not need complicated occlusal adjustment. Seniors can do sensitive adjustment all in one step.

– Comfortable to wear, and low return visit frequency

Seniors adds the mesial & distal latitude of central occlusion, improves stability and chewing efficiency of artificial teeth effectively, as well as, improves comfort and reduces frequency of return visits.

– Effective protecting alveolar ridge, improving life quality of a patient

Seniors makes the occlusal force even, release a big bearing capacity and then protects the rest of the alveolar ridge and delays the bone absorption, thus providing patients with a long time stable occlusal relationship.

Delivery forms

– 16 A-D shades

– 6 posterior moulds: 28M U, 28M L, 30M U, 30M L, 32U, 32L

– Standard packaging specification: 1*8/card for posterior 12cards/box