Dentalrapid SD liquid

Dentalrapid SD liquid

Alcoholic rapid surface disinfectant, ready-to-use


Aldehyde-free and phenol-free rapid disinfectant for professional use in practices, hospitals and nursing homes, with broad spectrum of activity and short contact times. Gentle on materials thanks to reduced alcohol content, very skin-friendly, dermatologically tested. VAH-listing in preparation.


Fields of application: For cleaning and disinfection of any water- and alcohol-resistant surfaces of non-invasive medical devices, small appliances, medical/dental medical furniture.


Spectrum of activity + contact times: Bactericidal (EN 1276 and EN 13727): conc. 30 sec.; virucidal against enveloped viruses acc. to RKI/DVV (HIV, HBV, HCV, BVDV, vaccinia viruses, influenza viruses): conc. 30 sec.; tuberculocidal (EN 14348): conc. 5 min.
Bactericidal including MRSA, yeasticidal acc. to DGHM Standard Method* (low bioburden, with and without wiping): conc. 1 min. (* listed in 5-min. column of the VAH list)
Virucidal against non-enveloped viruses acc. to RKI/DVV: Noroviruses (acc. EN 14476) conc. 5 min.


Ingredients: (100 g of solution contain): 25.9 g ethanol, 11.8 g isopropanol, 0.2 g polyaminopropyl biguanide.



package unit Neutral
500 ml bottle 71000500 71010500 71020500 71030500
1 Liter bottle 71001000 71011000 71021000 71031000
5 Liter canister 71005000 71015000 71025000 71035000