Denture Base Polymers – Self Curing

Denture Base Polymers – Self Curing

Imported simulated blood patterns are added to assure denture base more normal. It is a denture base acrylic for producing precision cast dentures, relines and repairs.

Main features  Curing stages
-Easy to polish -Mixing Ratio: 1ml Liquid: 2.34g Powder
-Craze free and solvent resistant -Mixing Time: 0.5mins
-Excellent handling properties -Dough Time: 12-14mins;
-Color stable  -Working Time: 5-6mins;
-Cadmium free -Curing Time: 30mins;

Delivery forms  


5 Shades: 2S, 2ST, 3ST, I, V;

Popular Shades: 2S, 2ST, 3ST ;

Customized shade also available.


-Store in a ventilated place, away from fire, high temperature and direct sunlight;

-Validity: Powder 3 years, Liquid 2 years.